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STJ Consulting brings many years of experience and knowledge to the law enforcement community.  Our team of highly trained and educated practitioners can provide various training venues to include:

Human Diversity
Law Enforcement Ethics
Police Supervision 
First Line Supervision
Leadership Training
Use of Force
Report Writing
Internal Affairs
Comprehensive Staff Inspections


STJ Training Philosophy - STJ Consulting believes those who facilitate learning must recognize that education has the power to transform
lives. An important goal of this process is not only to impart knowledge, but to enable learners to open their minds so they can explore beyond their existing parameters of thought. The training process should be challenging enough to provide the learner with the experience and tools to enable them to continually gain knowledge through their own experiences and future explorations.

As an effective facilitator in the training process, understanding the learner’s needs and remaining flexible to different learning styles is an essential component. The effective facilitator must be equally aware of learning styles and the presentation techniques, which enhance the learner-centered approach. An effective facilitator in the training process must assess their learners’ strengths and weaknesses, ensure that the course design is appropriate to the learner base, develop appropriate learning materials, and continuously evaluate and revise as needed.

The training process should include the free exchange of ideas, allowing the learners to become immersed in a dynamic learning environment. The exchange and challenge of new ideas and concepts allows the learner to recognize they are as important as the facilitator in developing and understanding the subject matter at hand. This process enables critical thinking and empowers the learner by creating an environment where the expressions and explorations of new ideas are integrated with experience, cultural backgrounds, morals, and values. This approach and application of the training process will develop enthusiastic, critical thinking learners who will strive to succeed.
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